About Us

About Us

At a 300 members and counting, welcome to one of the best and biggest gaming clubs in the South of England.

We are a GCN registered club where you can come and expect to play and get involved in any number of gaming systems from Warhammer 40,000 to Bolt Action (RPGs are also available!)

We meet on Fridays from 6pm to 11pm and rent a large hall in St Denys, we have about 12 6 foot tables and no shortage of laughs of opponents to be had! We are also open every other Wednesday 6-10pm

We are located centrally in Southampton at the St Deny Community Centre.

We proudly base ourselves on the following:

Friendly Atmosphere – We are all about having a fun time, Wargaming is serious business but we have no time for frowns!

Ease of Access – Anyone is welcome to come, first time gamer or 20 year veteran! (Or even your significant other!)

Club Resources – we do our best to provide boards and scenery for great looking games – we are always investing in new scenery!

Active Community and Forums – Leagues,tournaments and banter, all to be found within!

Check out our forums at  www.southamptonsluggaz.co.uk/forum/ please register and say hello! The forum is great for arranging games etc!

We look forward to seeing you soon!