Necron Tactica by Secundum

These are a couple of tactics written by Dave R (aka Secundum), reproduced by request & with permission;


Basic Cryptek

This guy is pretty much unchanged since 5th edition. An extra body with a Staff of Light, can take out a good few marines. They work well when grouped together in squads of 5, but in general, you’d be better off taking a Necron Lord for the extra survivability if you just want to keep a Staff of Light.

Harbinger Of Despair

Probably the most popular cryptek, thanks to his Veil Of Darkness, the Harbinger of Despair allows him to teleport around the board at will, taking any necron squad along for the ride.

Starting with the Abyssal Staff. It costs 5 points. It’s usefulness is limited to be honest.
You have to be hugely close to use it, and a large amount of units have high leadership. Still, it will be useful against power armour, as the law of averages says that at least a couple of marines should die.
When paired with Deathmarks however, the Abyssal Staff becomes horrible.
A flamer that always wounds on a 2+ and ignores armour saves? Yes please.
The downside to this being that unless multiple deathmarks are taken, it can only be used against one unit.

The Nightmare shroud is one of my faveourite pieces of Cryptek Wargear.
At 10 points, it forces any unit within 18″ to take a morale test. The cryptek can’t fire a weapon when using it, but his only ranged weapon is short ranged anyway.
The best part is that it’s not counted as firing a weapon, so you can target a differant squad to the one his unit shot at. While they won’t fail their morale test very much, there’s nothing funnier than veiling over the table and watching a heavy support squad run off the table on the first turn.

Next we have the veil of darkness.
What’s not to like?
Instant teleportation as many times as you like.
This is basically used to move your squads around the battlefield extremely quickly. The downsides to this being that you’re in a very nice template formation. I would not advise using this against tank-heavy Imperial Guard lists because of this.
The one downside is it’s cost of 30 points, but considering how useful it is, it’s worth it.
With 6th edition rules for hull points, this works very well with a squad of Necron Warriors.
Teleporting over to a vehicle such as a Defiler or Leman Russ squadran on turn one and unloading rapid firing Guass on them tends to irritate opponants. The squad will probobly survive, and can then teleport back to safety in the next turn. A Ghost Ark works well with this tactic, as they can replenish their losses rapidly.

Harbinger of Destruction.

The Cryptek that used to be my personal faveorite, the Destruction cryptek carries a potent anti-tank weapon, as well as 2 nice support abilities. Sadly, 6th Edition has seen his usefulness decline.

The Eldritch Lance is simple.
A strength 8, AP2 36″ weapon that costs 10 points. It’s an assault weapon too, which makes it even nicer. You’ll mainly be using this for tank busting, or for knocking wounds off of monstrous creatures.
Sadly, with the advent of Hull Points, your basic Warriors, Immortals, and Harbingers of the Storm will be doing most of your tank busting. Still nice, but less useful. A squad of 5 of these can be a serious threat to Monsters and heavy infantry.

Next we have the Gaze Of Flame.
For 10 points this gives your squads defensive grenades, which removes any and all charge bonuses from an attacking squad. This can help your squads survive for a lot longer in combat, especially if a combat Lord or Overlord is attached. Combined with Snap Fire, this can REALLY punish an opposing unit if you have enough bodies. There’s nothing that Blood Claws hate more than seeing their 75 attacks from a full squad of 15 drop down to 30.

Lastly, we have the Solar Pulse.
This is a one use only item which either makes it night, or day if night fighting is already in effect for a single player turn.
This can be very useful when combined with Imotekh, as you will be able to shoot freely, while your troops have a modicum of cover.
Alternatively, if Imotekh is not around, this can limit your opponants shooting [usually on their first or second turn]. Limited use against combat orientated armies however. Sadly, as Night Fighting has been nerfed, this is no longer the game changer that it once was. Still useful, but not a must have anymore. On the upside, it is now viable against Space Wolves.

The Harbinger of Eternity will really only ever be taken for one item; the chronometron.

The Chronometron allows you to re-roll a d6 per phase in any turn for either the Cryptek or his unit. This can be any roll, from reanimation protocalls to a single shooting attack. Easily one of the best wargear pieces in the entire game. At 15 points, you’d be crazy not to take it.

The Aeonstave is a bit of a let-down.
If an opponant suffers an unsaved wound from it, they have their WS, I, and attacks reduced to 1 for the rest of the game, and lose the fleet rule. While this sounds nice in theory, it’s just a basic close combat weapon, and the cryptek is by no means a CC master. At least it’s free…Limited useage.

Lastly he has the timesplinter cloak. This gives him a 3+ invunerable save.
It’s an utter waste of 30 points. Crypteks can’t be singled out, so shouldn’t be taking that many saves. For the points that this thing costs, you could purchase another Crytek. If you plan to accept any challenges with your cryptek, you might take it. But again, you might as well just buy another Cryptek. And if your cryptek refuses the challenge…Oh no. You lose…a WHOLE CC attack.

Next is my new favorite, The Harbinger of the Storm.

Harbingers of the storm have got an insane boost in 6th edition, and have replaced Harbingers of Destruction as the pre-eminent tank busters.

The Voltaic Staff is free, this is a potent anti vehicle weapon.
With 4 shots, and the ability to auto-glance any vehicle on a 2-5, and penetrate on a 6, this is one of the better staff weapons. The odds say that 3 shots should hit, which should wreck all but ther toughest of vehicles. The rest of his squad should take the last hull point off of tougher things like Land Raiders and Monoliths. The only thing that lets it down is it’s 12″ range.

The lightning field is only 10 points, and for this, you get to force any attacking unit to take D6 strength 8 AP5 hits. Extremely useful on walkers and monstrous creatures, and should take out at least a couple of any assaulting infantry. 6th Edition and Snap fire make it even more painful to assault a Stormtech. Extremely fun to use, and well worth it.

His final piece of wargear is the Ether Crysal.
For 15 points, and unit deep striking within 6 inches of the cryptek D6 strength 8 hits at AP 5. Nobody will deep strike that close to the crypteks unit if he has that. If you’re lucky they might scatter into range, but the points are better spent elsewhere.
The effect is a bit better if you have 2 crystals in range. The unit takes an extra hit. A grand total of one hit ladies and gentlemen. Yup. Definetly worth it then.

Last but not least we have the Harbinger of Transmogrification

His default weapon is the Tremorstave, which comes in at 5 points. It’s quite a nice weapon, as it has a 36″ range, uses the blast template, and causes the affected/hit unit to treat open ground as difficult terrain on their next turn. This is extremely useful when paired with Orikan the Diviner and/or a C’tan Shard with Writhing Worldscape. Great for slowing down enemy assault units. It’s only strength 4 and has no AP value though.

At 10 points, the seismic crucible allows the cryptek to reduce an enemy charge distance by D3 inches. This only works if the affected unit charges the crypteks unit though. This can really screw with opponants charges, allowing extra turns of shooting them. 6th editions random charge distances already provide enough uncertainty to a charging unit, but this makes it even worse. A unit with this item can Snap Fire, retreat, rapid fire, and then snap fire again. Worth taking.

At 25 points, the Harp of dissonance is a strength 6 assault weapon with an infinite range and no AP value. While this sounds bad at first, here’s the best part. It has Entropic Strike. This means that you can start knocking off armour values on vehicles right from the get go, or with a bit of luck, even strip a monstrous creature of his armour value. A bit pricey for my taste though, as it’s only 1 shot, and the cryptek is only average at shooting. 6th Edition also lowers the usefulness of this weapon, as Guass is much more effective at stripping down vehicles.

In conclusion, 6th Edition allows Crypteks to really punish charging units. Almost every Cryptek has a way to hurt charging units, and that’s after snap fire is involved.

++ Necron Lords ++

Basic Necron Lord

The basic Lord comes with a Staff of Light. This is a good weapon with an AP of which fires 3 shots. At 35 points, the basic Lord has good strength and toughness, and comes with a 3+ armour save. This means that you can put AP4 shots from weapons such as the Heavy Bolter on him, and he’ll get a save. Useful if your opponant is focus friing on your Warriors and you need as many Warriors alive as possible. The extra strength and toughness points are nice, but not that useful if he’s kept Vanilla.
Particularly useful against Codex marines, and armies that don’t relly on CC.

Combat Necron Lord

This version of the Necron Lord comes with a Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, and the Sempiternal Weave.
His role is to make up for the Necrons lack of CC ability.
The Warscythe is essentially a S7 chainfist for 10 points. Pretty much a must take. The Mindshackle scarabs allow him to take control of one of your opponants models [preferably a squad leader or character] and have them do the fighting for you. This can potentially help the Necrons beat a dedicated CC unit. The sempiternal weave is there for added defense. This, combined with his high toughness value and reanimation protocalls, should keep him alive for a good while.
Alternative options are the tesserect Labyrinth for character killing, and the Phase Shifter for increased defense. The phase shifter is overpriced on a Lord [even more so than on an Overlord], and as the Lord can’t be singled out, it’s of limited usage. You could buy another Lord with Warscythe for the points cost. The labyrinth is expensive, one use only, and unreliable. Take it if you want to, but the points are generally better spent elsewhere.
You can also give the Lord a HyperPhase Sword or a Voidblade, but the Voidblade is much worse than the Warscythe in every way, and the HyperPhase sword should only be taken if you don’t have 10 points to spare.
Good against everything in CC, especially characters, vehicles, and Monstrous creatures with the exception of swarms such as Gaunts, due to the sheer numbers he will be faced with.

Ranged Necron Lord

The role of this Lord is to hang back with a squad which doesn’t plan on being in Close Combat.
He has a Staff of Light and a resurrection orb if you can spare the points.
The Staff of Light is for mowing down infantry.
He’s best used in a Ghost Ark, where he can fire from it without having to worry about getting into CC while the Ark lives.
Good for shooting, but there are better Lords out there, and Harbingers of Destruction are better at shooting due to their cheaper cost and longer range weapons.

Support Necron Lord

This guys job is to support the squad he’s with, rather than do anything himself. He comes with a resurrection Orb and a Gauntlet of Fire.
The Resurrection Orb gives the squad a lot more staying power, and the Gauntlet of fire is essentially a flamer that gives him a bit more punch in CC. The only acces to special weapons that Necrons get is in the form of the Royal Courts, so you can’t get a flamer any other way [unless you take an Overlord with a Gauntlet of Fire :lol: ]. Good against swarms, and low armour units such as Orks, Guardsmen, and Dark Elder.

Lychguard Necron Lord

This Lord is designed to lead Lychguard squads. He comes with a Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, a Sempiternal Weave, and a Resurrection Orb. Essentially the same as the CC Lord, but with an Orb, and you don’t even need that if you attach an overlord with an orb.

Fully Kitted out Necron Lord

This thing is…expensive. It clocks out at a grand total of 170 points [assuming he has a Warscythe] for a single wound model. While expensive, it has it’s upsides. He has all the strengths of a Close Combat lord, as well as the Sempiternal Weave, a Phase Shifter, and a Resurrection Orb to keep him alive. The tessarect labyrinth is for character killing. While this might be nice in a deathstar Royal Court, it’s hilariously overpriced, and the points are MUCH better spent elsewhere.
It might see some usage in ‘fun’ lists or Gimmicky ones though [or just to try out fielding such an amusing model], but it probobly won’t see actual usage in any serious lists.

Now, these are just a handful of builds, and as necron lords get a large amount of Wargear, they can be customised any way that you like, for exampel you could take a Gauntlet of Fire and a Phase Shifter, if it fits with your playing style.

So, that’s my Lord (& cryptic) tactica. Hope it helps. Comments welcome.


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    One thing, the Lord one was written for 5th Edition, so might be a little out of date.

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